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We guide brands in enhancing their advertising effectiveness by improving creatives, refining messaging, and optimizing overall paid ad strategy.

Theres thousands of data points to look at, for example, Ads with low CTR’s (Is it the copy, the image, or both?), Ad fatigue or obsolete trends? Is it the landing page...or the product page copy that’s the issue?

Are you unsure which dial to turn next to see results?If you had any of those questions, than a consultation is perfect for you!

Our paid media consulting include discussing in detail:

Leveraging AI for Ads
Campaign structure
Paid social strategy
Paid Search Strategy
Ad Creative Direction
Paid Media Plan
Channel insights and trends
Budget Recommendation

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$ 75 USD

Per 30 Minutes

If you are looking for:

Best way to optimize your current ad account based on your unique business goals.

Strategic plan to test campaigns.

Insight from the accounts I currently manage and tell you what is currently working on ad accounts based on trends

Half an hour session is good enough for your requirements.
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$ 125 USD

Per 1 Hour

If you want us to:

I will review website and ads before call

Thoroughly understand your business situation and objectives.

Help optimize your account for potential scalingShare screens to keep you onboard

A comprehensive one hour consulting session is what your business needs
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Consulting FAQ

What is a consultation session like with Sergio?

What do I need for a consultation session?

Is this just a single-time deal or am I allowed to set up repetitive sessions?

Can I just send you an email instead?

Will the consultation session really be helpful?

What types of paid media do you specialize in?

What is the development process of a website?

How long does it take to build a webflow site?

Do you also offer design services?


Rochelle Willough, Director of Adquisicion At Human

Sergio has fit seamlessly into our organization and has given our team the ability to scale our efforts while also improving ad performance. He is timely with responses and updates, which makes working as a team very easy.

Krish Chopra, CEO of Nphub

Sergio is excellent! The first thing he did, was properly set up our tracking so we can literally track ROI on dollars spent! He's increased our conversions on both Facebook and Google. The communication is excellent, He's a true professional that I recommend working with.

Stephanie Chavez, CMO of Zen Media

I've worked with Sergio for over a year now. He ROCKS at Paid Ad Strategy. Sergio is a team player, has an amazing wrok ethic. and is a brillant strategist.

Charles Kirkland, Trinity Marketing Agency

Sergio is the a player you need. He is able to go from idea to completed marketing campaign lightning fast. He pays attention to the small details and his work is right the 1st time. Every campaign he was worked on the ROI went up.

Corey, Two Step Performance

We have worked with Felix media for several years and the team always goes above and beyond, overdelivering each time. We appreciate the growth they have helped our company recognize and we look forward to much more business together.


Tools we use for management,
development, and paid media.

Managed with Notion

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content request via Notion.


Get friendly support via Slack. Talk to us directly wasting no time.

Webflow development

We will implement your project with Webflow the best implementation tool.

TikTok Ads

Keep up to date through the link
that we will share with you.


We will implement your project with Webflow the best implementation tool.


Keep up to date through the link
that we will share with you.