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Founded by Sergio Felix, we started our journey with a laser focus on paid media. Today, our expertise has expanded, embodying a broad range of digital marketing and branding services to elevate your business to the next level.

At Felix Media, our focus converges on pioneering strategies for seasoned brands, blending tradition with modern marketing techniques. With over 60 years of combined experience, we masterfully navigate branding, paid media, and insightful strategies to scale businesses in today's digital landscape.

Detailed Analysis

Deep-rooted Expertise: With a legacy of working with brands over six decades old, we bring a wealth of experience and understanding, bridging traditional values with contemporary marketing approaches.

Smart Strategy

Comprehensive Strategy: Our holistic approach encompasses everything from branding to scaling via paid media, ensuring our clients receive an all-encompassing, tailored solution for maximum impact.

Effective Execution

Content Pioneers: Recognizing the power of content in today's noisy world, we specialize in crafting informative yet entertaining narratives, making brands resonate and connect deeply with their audience.
Lower cost per conversion
Increase conversion value
Increase return on ad spend
Scale current campaigns
Scale to new acquisition channels
Build your brand value online
Fully responsive website
Free support and training
Three design revisions
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Our Range of Services

Our team boasts over 10 years of combined experience, specialized in everything from Shopify and Webflow to front-end design. Whether it's brand strategy, growth planning, or data analytics, we've got the skills to make your brand soar

No Longterm Contracts

No Hidden Performance Fees

Agile & Adaptable

Expert Guidance and Support

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Masterful Services, Meaningful Growth

We fuse expertise in diverse digital avenues to forge a path to sustainable and rapid growth. Embark on a journey beyond the conventional, to the realm of extraordinary eCommerce success.

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Success Stories

Dive into our curated selection of triumphs, each echoing our dedication to transcend the ordinary in eCommerce success

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Management Budget
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Two Step Performance

Pais Ad Strategy
Development web
Growth Marketing

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