The Best Copywriting Prompt to create Landing Pages

The essence of this method lies in its structured approach, weaving a narrative that seamlessly transitions from capturing attention to securing action.


Welcome to an inside look at one of Felix Media's secret weapons for compelling marketing copy and landing pages – the Roger Sales Letter Framework. Developed in-house by myself, Roger Terán, Growth/Product Manager at Felix Media, this framework is our go-to blueprint for crafting persuasive content that captivates and converts.

The essence of this method lies in its structured approach, weaving a narrative that seamlessly transitions from capturing attention to securing action. Let's break down its stages:

  1. Promise: Start with a vision of the transformative potential of your product or service.
  2. Challenges: Identify and empathize with the obstacles your audience faces.
  3. Expert Perspective: Establish your unique authority and solution.
  4. Solution: Introduce your offering as the key to overcoming these challenges.
  5. Specifics: Dive into the details of how and why your solution works.
  6. Access: Wrap up with a compelling call to action.

In the following sections, we'll explore each step in detail, demonstrating how the Roger Sales Letter Framework is integral to creating the impactful landing pages and persuasive copy that are signatures of Felix Media's success.

Envisioning a Future with Results

Imagine your marketing content not just grabbing attention, but captivating the heart and mind of your reader. Picture your sales letters leading to a significant boost in conversion rates. This isn't just a dream; it's the promise of the Roger Sales Letter framework.

Tip for ChatGPT: Start by prompting ChatGPT to "Create an engaging introduction that paints a desirable future for the reader, using [Your Product/Service]".

Addressing the Pain Points

Every potential customer faces challenges. Recognizing these pain points isn’t just empathetic; it's strategic. The Roger Sales Letter framework asks you to delve deep into these challenges, making your audience feel seen and understood.

ChatGPT Tip: Use prompts like, "List common challenges faced by [Your Target Audience] in [Your Industry]".

Expert Perspective: Establishing Credibility

Now, introduce yourself or your company as the beacon of hope. This is where you differentiate your solutions from competitors. The key is not just to say you're different, but to show how and why.

Implementing with ChatGPT: Prompt the AI with, "Explain why [Your Company/Product] is uniquely positioned to solve [Mentioned Challenges]".

Solution: Presenting Your Offering

Here, unveil your product or service as the key to overcoming the challenges. This should be a natural progression from the problem to your solution, showcasing the benefits clearly and compellingly.

For ChatGPT: Try, "Create a compelling narrative that introduces [Your Product/Service] as a solution to the above challenges".

Specifics: Detailing the How and Why

Detailing how your solution works and why it's effective is crucial. This section is about bridging the gap between promises and tangible results.

ChatGPT Utilization: Ask, "Detail the key features and benefits of [Your Product/Service], and how they address the specific challenges identified".

Access: The Call to Action

End with a bang! This is where you invite your readers to take action. Whether it’s buying a product, signing up for a service, or getting in touch for more information, make it irresistible and easy.

ChatGPT Strategy: "Generate an urgent and easy call to action based on the above narrative".


Here's the twist: this entire blog post was written using the Roger Sales Letter framework! Intrigued? Excited to implement this in your marketing strategy? That's the power of structured, engaging content.

But why stop at just learning? At Felix Media, we specialize in bringing these frameworks to life, ensuring your marketing content is not just read, but felt and acted upon. Ready to transform your content strategy? Contact Felix Media today and unlock the full potential of your marketing efforts.

Remember, the Roger Sales Letter framework isn’t just a methodology; it's your pathway to captivating your audience and driving conversions like never before.

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