Should You Hire an Ad Agency? A Breakdown of Costs and Alternatives

Don't wait to grow your business! Learn how to get traffic and leads without a huge ad spend. 

Running successful online ads can feel like a magic trick – you pour money in, but will you get sales out? This is where the question of hiring an ad agency comes in. But is it worth the investment, especially for a small business? Let's break down the reality of working with an agency:

The Cost Factor: Is It Affordable?

Ads aren't cheap. Agencies typically recommend a budget of  $3,000 to $5,000 per month for proper testing. Keep in mind, this is just the ad spend. On top of that, you'll pay the agency a  fixed fee or a percentage of your profits.

Why the High Cost? It's All About Testing

This hefty price tag reflects the work involved in optimizing your campaign. Especially if you are just starting out, you probably don't have any data and need to start collecting it from scratch.

A good agency will focus on:

So, When Should You Consider an Agency?

If the cost sounds daunting, it might be best to hold off for now, especially if:

So, if you are a business that has no data, never ran any ads, only been in business for a year, then let me get to the point for you, don’t hire an agency.

DIY Alternatives: Building Traffic on a Budget

Here are some ways to generate traffic without a hefty ad spend:

The Final Takeaway: Ads + Alternatives = Success

While agencies can be a powerful tool, they aren't the only route to success. Start by building organic traffic through the methods mentioned above. Once you have a decent website visitor flow (around 1,000 per month), consider remarketing campaigns to amplify your results. Remember, successful online marketing is often a combination of paid and organic strategies.

Let's Get You Started!

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